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All The Answers To Unlock Jenna’s Skills

What makes Jenna so special?

Jenna is a personal recruiting assistant. As one, Jenna automatically and intelligently screens candidates for you. Artificial intelligence is being utilized in order to analyze the candidates answers to the screening questions and to estimate if the candidate is a good match.

What Jenna can do for me?

Through Jenna’s dashboard, you are able to create positions, write screening questions (or select from dozens pre-defined templates) and review the candidate’s information.

Jenna will provide you with information about the candidates from both the screening process and from 3rd party sources.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can respond to multiple requests, or questions, in an automated way, 24/7. Chatbots communicate via messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack etc. Messaging apps are now used more often than Social Networking sites.

Where can candidates interact with my Jenna?

After connecting your Jenna to a Facebook page you will be able to easily share a link to Jenna on any channel including Facebook, your website and other, ads and more…

On which Facebook page will Jenna be integrated?

Well it’s up to you, we highly recommend creating a separate Facebook page that will be the new home of Jenna. For example you can create ‘Join Company’ Facebook page

What languages does Jenna supports

Currently, we offer English support only but we are already working on new language capabilities in Spanish, Russian and more!

Who selects the different questions per position?

You do! we allow you the full flexibility. You will be able to add multiple positions and questions in a variety of types.

And the best part? that we already have a huge bank of great pre-collected questions for dozens of positions

Is Jenna an ATS?

Jenna is dedicated to the screening phase as we believe this is the most delicate and most problematic phase of the recruiting process.

We are currently working on integrating Jenna into leading ATS’s

Will Jenna work with my ATS?

We are working on several major ATS integrations but at the time we are allowing ATS integration for Enterprise plans only (With custom requests)

We will of course update you when it will be available for Base plan as well

How much does Jenna cost?

You can easily find information about our pricing on the pricing page – Jenna Pricing.

If you have any other questions regarding if feel free to reach out to us through the bubble on the right bottom.

Why choose Jenna for your team?

Jenna strives for the highest quality of Candidates experience, making their experience with us safe, agile and beneficial.

The benefits of Jenna for companies:

  • New hiring channel
  • Customized conversations for every position
  • Automatic screening of every candidate
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Instant notifications
  • Communication with candidates through messenger
  • Customized questions and answers have a higher impact on candidates
  • Allows you to focus on face to face interviews

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